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Outfit Details: Wearing Boohoo Utility Suit & Boohoo Boots

Hello all, feels so good to be back writing and styling outfits again. I took a little break from blogging after my baby moon to enjoy my pregnancy and the birth of my sweet baby boy. Now I’m slowly, but surely coming back and looking forward to get to know everyone as you guys get to know me again. I’m writing this post today, not only to show off my cute #ootd, but to talk about getting back into the swing of things after becoming a new mommy.

Sidenote: I do plan to back track a bit and tell you guys all about my pregnancy journey, baby shower, maternity shoot, maternity style and my birth story. So stay tuned for all things pregnancy and baby.

First things first, my utility suit and badass boots are from Boohoo. In fact, this boiler suit is actually from my maternity collection, but I never got a chance to wear it. Utility suits, Boiler suits and jumpsuits oh my! Whatever name you like to call it, these suits are always big for fall and one of my favorite pieces for the season. They work so well with so many different body types and its perfect for me as I’m trying to lose the last of my baby weight.

My boots are sadly from last season, but I linked some similar pairs along with the utility suit and some other favorites down below. You can also check out these similar and stylish cuties here and here. I love this style boot for fashion right now. It’s definitely throwing it back to the 90’s, but its ability to stay edgy and on trend with street style and runways makes it a timeless shoe and a must-have for all you fashion gals this fall.

I stated above that I wrote this blog post to express how it feels getting back into the swing of things after baby and becoming a new mom. I’m no expert in the motherhood department and all things baby as my little peanut is only 11 weeks old. I can only speak about my experience so far, my truth and tell my perspective on the matter of trying to find balance with work & mommy life.

Trust me, I’m in no hurry to get back to being busy 24/7. All I want to do is squeeze on my little man all day and watch his every move. He’s growing so fast that I don’t want to miss a beat and sometimes I feel very guilty when I have to work, but I also know I need to keep pushing and grinding for my son. I need to continue to express myself and create to feel like me. If anything he has definitely forced me to be more organized and responsible with my time. Growing, bonding and learning with him each day has truly been a blessing. My little peanut has made it easy on mom and dad because he’s such a good, sweet baby boy.

My smart, funny dude is showing so much personality already. He’s been holding up his own head up for weeks now that I sometimes forget he’s only 11 weeks old. He’s so curious with his eyes so bright and I love every minute of it. His little laughs and smiles melt my whole heart. I love to hear him talk and coo, he already says mama, mom and no. Some would say I’m just imaging that, but he really does say those words lol. When you look into his eyes you can tell he’s been here before. My little Ryder is an old soul and I can’t get enough of his spirit. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world to be blessed with such a happy, cute and loving baby.

It truly does take a village and I’m extremely lucky to have such a large and amazing family who are always willing to help if I need it. I’m not sure if I will ever find that perfect balance of work and mommy life and I’m not so sure that even exist. At the end of the day, that’s ok because my Ryder will always come first. Each day is an adventure and learning experience. Some days we breeze through with ease and other days are we have our challenges. I just know now I can handle whatever life throws at me because I am a strong woman and badass mom. I’m loving being a new mom, I’m super excited to start blogging again and incorporating mommy/baby blogging into Hang It Up LA. Get ready for all things fashion, beauty and of course mommy life. I will be reviewing baby products soon.. the must-haves that every new mom needs. Things Ryder and I couldn’t live without to the over hyped items you don’t need to waste your hard earned money on.

Stay tuned and enjoy Xx

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