Advanced Clinicals: My Post Pregnancy Skincare Routine

When I was pregnant my skin was amazing, I definitely had that pregnancy glow you hear and read about. However, post pregnancy was another story. I noticed my skin was getting pretty dry from time to time and that wasn’t the norm for my skin type. I also noticed my thick, luscious hair that pregnancy gave me also lost its shine and began to shed.

That’s why I was excited when Advanced Clinicals reached out to me for a collaboration with their products to highlight self care awareness. I had heard such great things about AC prior about their products and what they could do for all skin/hair types. I got to switch up my post pregnancy skincare/haircare routine for past 2 months and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My skin and hair started to feel revived and alive within days. I definitely got my glow back in my skin and the shine back in my locks.

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Advanced Clinicals is a problem solving skincare line that stands behind high-quality ingredients and an advanced, scientific delivery systems. Originally developed by chemists who wanted to create effective formulations using advanced technology, Advanced Clinicals is a collection of ‘cosmeceuticals.’ The brand’s mission is to offer skin care solutions at attainable prices for their customers. All Advanced Clinicals products retail for under $20 and feature ingredients, such as Retinol, Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid, Glycol Acid and clinically tested anti-aging blends.

Advanced Clinicals is formulated in their own lab and manufactured in their own FDA-inspected facility. It was ultimately launched to bring affordable yet effective skincare to its customers. Knowing that advanced treatments for anti-aging, general skin care, as well as niche problem areas, like stretch marks and age spots, were often associated with a high price tag, Advanced Clinicals made it a priority to combat this with cost-effective, large-sized solutions in easy-to-dispense packaging. Manufacturing all products on-site in Chicago, the brand can ensure the highest levels of product standards.

Advanced Clinicals, is now featuring over 50 products and has an assortment of products for whatever beauty product you’re in need for this season. Body oils, serums, creams, lotions, hair products, treatment masks and more. The company added the latest products as a response to increased demand from the brand’s loyal following. With a product portfolio that retails under $20 and features powerful, active ingredients, like Retinol, Vitamin C, Coconut Oil and Salicylic Acid, as well as clinically tested anti-aging blends, the brand has quickly become a go-to for beauty lovers of all ages and skin types.

Advanced Clinicals is deeply invested in its customers, creating product lines – like the body oils and face masks – that cater to its fans’ requests, as well as standing by a commitment to offering products that really work. Each product is designed to help the customer see and feel results within weeks.

A little bit about the products I’ve been using for the past two months below! I can’t wait to try more of their amazing and most importantly affordable line.


COCONUT DEEP HYDRATION HIAR MASK: Supports soft, shiny, locks with Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Renews coarse, damaged strands with Vitamin B5. Revive dry, damaged hair while restoring hydration to damaged, color-treated hair with nourishing Coconut Oil.

COLLAGEN INSTANT PLUMPING SERUM: Supports the natural production of collagen in the epidermis. After using this face serum, your skin will look plumper and firmer than ever before. Especially helpful for lip lines, advanced formula will visibly restore volume to crevices. Powerful Soy Complex diminishes the look of crepe-like skin. Transform yourself and your skin with Collagen Instant Plumping Serum for a youthful glow. Soy Extracts target sagging, lost elasticity and facial lines.

COLLAGEN+ROSEWATER FACIAL MIST: Helps replenish radiance and allows your skin to retain healthy moisture. Collagen is essential to voluminous skin, and is responsible for youthful volume. Your body’s collagen production naturally decreases as you age, leaving skin with wrinkles and creases. This lightweight spray features Watermelon and Peptides and can be used anytime day or night to provide a soft, dewy finish to skin. Get a fresh, youthful glow with natural Rosewater and best of all, our facial mist won’t leave behind a heavy or oily residue.

COLLAGEN SKIN RESCUE LOTION: Formulated with Green Tea, AloeVera, Chamomile, and Pure Collagen, this is a favorite body, face, all-over moisturizer to truly reinvigorate the skin. After consistent use, you will notice softer and plumper skin.

ROSEWATER HYDRA-GEL FACE MASK: Infused with Vitamin E, Ginger, Blackberry, Green Tea, and Pomegranate extracts to plump up the look of fine lines. Bulgarian Rose pampers dry, dehydrated skin to help reawaken your dry, dull complexion. By discovering the soothing, toning, and hydrating power of Rosewater you will help maintain healthy and hydrated skin. Transform your skin while you sleep by using our Rosewater Gel Mask as an intensive overnight mask.

ROSEWATER TONER: Promotes healthy, beautiful skin with a pH of ≤ 5.5. Our delicate Rosewater formula softens dry, rough skin while tightening and toning for a refreshed complexion. Infused with sebum-fighting Phytic Acid, Glycerin, Green Tea Extract, and herbal Botanimoist AMS to boost hydration by up 88%. Prepare your skin for serums and moisturizers by allowing a refreshing mist to pamper your skin.

I linked all the products I use in my daily skin care routine below! Use my code MORGAN30 for 30% off all their products!

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