Monochromatic Monday: The vinyl trend is here to stay!

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Are you prepared for one of the most daring fashion trends? I sure am! Vinyl hit all over the runways in 2017, and now it’s hit our wardrobes, hard. From vinyl pants to shoes, skirts, coats… you name it. Runways from New York to Paris featured plenty of PVC for spring and the street-style crowd gave the slick material life outside the shows, pairing vinyl skinny pants with classic cable-knit sweaters, and glossy jackets with tattered tees.

Vinyl is a style of leather, patent leather to be more specific, the kind that’s very glossy and shiny. It  looks like liquid if the items are fitted on the body. So many high fashion designers showed 2018 SS collections packed with vinyl and PVC that I literally cannot wait for summer! Vinyl was trending last year too if you were paying any attention. I purchased these bad boys above from Topshop LY and I couldn’t be any happier for this trends massive comeback in 2018!

Bloggers and influencers everywhere seem to love vinyl pants and mini skirts. Fashion Weeks this year have been graced with some of the best street styles ever, vinyl coats being majorly present. Red and black vinyl pants are also huge this season. If you’re a fan of skinny jeans, but want something a little more WOW factor worthy then you go for the vinyl. Vinyl pants are a standout favorite among the fashion world as a bold, slim-fitting alternative to denim. Like a glossy second skin, the look is easier to pull off than you think. They look great paired with a chunky knits, faux fur coat, vintage tee, blazers and oversized sweaters to contrast the pants. Simple ankle boots with a small chunky heel look great. I went with monochromatic neutrals to give my look a more refined, sophisticated and chic contrast.

If you don’t have the budget to invest in designer pieces, there’s an abundance of options at ASOS, Mango, Boohoo, and Missguided that will let you try the trend without going broke.

Shop my look and other vinyl pants below!

Enjoy xx

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