Sweden to Denmark, Denmark to Sweden

IMG_6942IMG_3826 4IMG_3933 5IMG_3934 3IMG_6948-2IMG_6943-2IMG_6944IMG_6950IMG_6946IMG_6949IMG_6945Wearing Nasty Gal Romper / Lola Shoetique lace up Boots / Rebecca Minkoff Mini Bag / Carman Denim Leather Jacket


IMG_4038 5IMG_4039 6IMG_6947IMG_4042 3IMG_4045 5IMG_4054 3Wearing Topshop ripped Jeans / Nasty Gal Blouse / Carmar Denim Leather Jacket / Rebecca Minkoff Mini Bag / Aldo lace up Sandals


IMG_3732 4IMG_4003 3IMG_3785 4IMG_3792 5IMG_3799 5IMG_3808 5IMG_3815 5IMG_3821 5IMG_3831 5IMG_3844 5IMG_3869 2IMG_4009 4IMG_3880 4IMG_3817 6Snapshots appreciationGothenburg, Sweden & Malmo, Sweden

IMG_3913 2IMG_3855 3 IMG_3857 4 IMG_3862 3IMG_3892 4 IMG_3893 4 IMG_3894 4 IMG_3897 3 IMG_3904 3 IMG_3911 3IMG_3942 3 IMG_4183 4 IMG_4195 3 IMG_4196 4 IMG_4197 3 IMG_4198 3Snapshots Copenhagen Denmark

The mini Euro tour/Work trip continues with the fiancé. (Sidetone: I know i’m a bit late with this post but better late than never.) Just a quick flight from Paris to Sweden, so later that night we arrived in Malmo, Sweden where Bae is from. Technically we flew into Copenhagen, Denmark which is just a 20 minute train ride away to Malmo. Huge score for me because I absolutely LOVE Copenhagen.

We spent a couple weeks in Sweden and Denmark going back and forth via train for work and fun. The last time I was in Sweden/Denmark it was the middle of winter, in other words freezing cold.

This time around was an completely different experience. It was full on Spring time and sunshine. I got to explore Sweden in a different light..literally. I road bikes all through town and along the beach. Walked all over the city and dined outside everyday. I have a new appreciation for Sweden..it was absolutely gorgeous from Malmo to Gothenburg where we spent most of our time.

With Copenhagen only a train ride away we took advantage. The weather was amazing and the city was lively per usual. Copenhagen is a larger city than Malmo and Gothenburg. Amazing restaurants, shopping and of course Christiania 🙂 We popped over to Copenhagen a lot, I even shot both the shoots above there. Its definitely a city to see! And remains one of my favorites.

Enjoy XX

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