That GLOW & Brow

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ESSENTIALS… I can’t live without!

Spinning in the App Spin My Planet some of my favorite makeup products at the moment. Drag/Swipe your Finger/Mouse over the image and watch it come to life. Download the free App today in the App Store and follow me @hangitupLA

1. A must have “That Glow” GLOW KIT by Anastasia Beverly Hills. These metallic powders highlight for intense luminosity. Layer shades together or wear them separately on your eyes and body. For even more glow, apply with a damp makeup brush. Embrace that glow life ladies!

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills does it again with another fav, the “BROW WIZ” in dark brown.(For Me) This amazing tool comes in wide variety of color so you can match your brow perfectly.This ultra-slim mechanical pencil flawlessly outlines brows and fills in sparse or over-tweezed areas. Neither too soft nor too firm, the retractable tip glides effortlessly to mimic natural hair and create the illusion of texture.

3. MAC Cosmetics 150 Large Powder Brush is one of my favorite brushes I own. Full and dense for dusting loose or pressed powder on your face or body. This brush is particularly good for bronzer and powder application with soft fibres that form a full, even and rounded shape.

I highly recommend all three of these products for all you makeup junkies out there… you will not be disappointed. Get that glow life poppin’



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