Island vibin in Koh Lanta, Thailand

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Wearing: All clothes, swimwear and scandals are from the streets of Phuket, Leather hat is by Shop fly nation. Rayban and Edensky sunnies

After five amazing days in Phuket, I traveled via boat to the island of Koh Lanta, Thailand. Two hours of limestone rocks and bright blue turquoise waters later, I arrived in the tropical paradise of Koh Lanta. This was such a different vibe than the electric vibrating city of Phuket, but not in a bad way!!! Koh Lanta was just as beautiful, but on a different wave length.

Koh Lanta was true island life in every which way. The people were friendly and so welcoming. Everyone seemed to move to the beat of the island. It was mellow, relaxed, and romantic…like something out of a dream.

In Koh Lanta, the days seemed longer and my days consisted of… Amazing breakfast buffets to scooter rides all over the island to only stumble across the most beautiful secluded beaches. To dinners and massages at sunset on the beach. It was perfect, peaceful, and  zen.

Enjoy XX

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