Thrifty finds in PHUKET, THAILAND

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_MG_8658 _MG_8684 _MG_8689 _MG_8694 _MG_8732_MG_8713_MG_8711_MG_8749_MG_8775_MG_8766_MG_8774PHUKET THAILAND PHOTO DIARY

All taken by iphone and moi.

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 Yesss…I can finally cross Thailand off my bucket list. I have always dreamed of visiting  Asia. And let’s just say karma is in my favor, because my dream became a reality :). I recently got the chance to travel to the beautiful spiritual country of Thailand and it did not disappoint. Everything was picture perfect from the jungle to the sea. The white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters was something out of a postcard. The breathtaking sunsets and more than delicious food, to the beautiful people and their culture. It was truly heaven on earth.

I do have to take it back a step and share with you…what now seems to be a comedy but at the time was a tragedy and possibly the worst day of my life lol. I was coming back from Gothenburg, Sweden (sidenote: Amazing city) via train to Copenhagen to catch my night flight to Phuket…you still with me? Let’s just say I gave myself more than enough time to get back to Copenhagen…leave my two winter bags and pick up my suitcase containing all my swimwear, maxi’s, caftans, and so much MORE!

Ohh the horror

My train then decides to stop in the middle of no where and delay on the tracks for hours. Needless to say I was late coming into Copenhagen. Clearly! This left me with two options, in which none of them sat well with me. It was either 1. leave my bag with all my amazing summer outfits in it, run to the airport and TRY to make my flight. or 2. Pick my summer bag up, leave winter bags, miss my flight and take a later one. The kicker is my flight was Friday evening and the next flight was Monday morning.

Soooooo. I made my flight and showed up to Phuket in a fur and ugg boots..with two large winter bags in tow. I had zip zero zilch nada to wear or shoot in.

My first thought when I landed in 90 degree, humid tropical weather was that the next couple of weeks in Thailand, were going to be an interesting adventure. I took a second to breathe and stop being a brat, to realize how lucky I am and where I had just landed too. As well as count my blessings and appreciate this dream come true. All of that stress and anxiety was out the window. Who cares if I had nothing to wear, I was in paradise and probably in that moment the luckiest girl in the world. Besides that left me with one other thing to do and that was SHOPPIIIING. I was sold.

Looking back I couldn’t have seen this trip go any other way! Whats a little adventure without a little drama. I had the most amazing time, I can’t even put it into words. Hopefully the pictures can tell my story.

Enjoy XX

Here’s how I made it work.



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